Press "PLAY" to start the match.

Press Confirm with the other five players before entering the game.

Once you have selected your hero, you are ready for battle!

Tyrant's Arena has a very simple and easy to use interface. The camera follows your hero with a fixed angle.


Minimap. The minimap provides players with the whereabouts on the map.

Scoreboard. The Scoreboard shows the team score and the game timer.

Hero Skills. These are your main skills. Details of Hero Skills can be found here.

Special Skill: Dash. Dash is a special skill shared among heroes. It increases the hero's running speed over time.


In DEATHMATCH game mode, the team with the highest death count wins the game. Alternatively, you can win the match by eliminating the other team.

Heal. Heal appears randomly on the map and restores partial health to the hero.

Giant. There are multiple giants stalking and attacking anyone in sight. The giants cannot be killed.


Aim: Each skill has aim and can rotate in the direction you want. Press the skill button and the target will appear.

Screen Scroll: You can scroll the screen in all directions to see the movement of the enemy by touching the minimap or the upper right area of the screen.

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